How Do I Get A Copy Of My Crash Report?

If you’ve been involved in a car accident in the state of New Jersey, you’ll want to recover a copy of your official accident report. This document will contain information about the causation of the crash, the drivers involved, the vehicles involved, and the date, time, and location of the crash. As you might imagine, this information can become extremely valuable to you if you hope to claim insurance benefits or seek compensation for property damage or injuries sustained in the accident.

Regardless of how major or minor the crash is, it’s important that you contact local law enforcement. Calling an officer to the scene ensures that you will have a proper crash report filed. Additionally, reports filed by law enforcement officers hold greater weight in a court of law or to an insurance provider, as they give a clear and unbiased account of the accident.

The officer will take note of many details surrounding the crash, including:

  • Any injuries sustained
  • Any property damage sustained
  • Any fatalities
  • The drivers’ contact and license information
  • The location, date, and time of the crash
  • A written account of the events of the crash
  • A diagram displaying the events of the crash
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Common Questions About the New Jersey Crash Report

While you are not legally required to have a police officer file a crash report for you, a report filed by a law enforcement officer will carry greater significance to an attorney or insurance adjuster. There is far less room for bias or personal influence in a report filed by an officer, but if you are unable to call an officer to the scene, you are required to file a report within ten days of the accident.

The Freedom of Information Act gives anyone with the driver’s name, accident number, or date, time, and location of the accident access to your crash report.

If you wish to recover your crash report through the New Jersey Turnpike Authority, you are unable to recover it via mail. You can fill out the form on the NJTA website, but it will require a $5.00 fee.

Most crash reports will become available roughly ten business days after they are filed, but you can contact the law enforcement office where your report was filed to check on its status.

How to Get a FREE Copy of Your Crash Report

A car accident in New Jersey is no joke, particularly if you or someone you love has been injured. If you’re ready to begin the claims process today, it’s crucial that you secure a copy of your official crash report.

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